The capabilities of the SEZ provide wide opportunities for the all-round travel business development. There is no doubt that the SEZ "Gate of Baikal" will become a key point of the route for travelers who want to see all the diversity and uniqueness of Lake Baikal.

Currently 6 residents are registered on the territory of the SEZ.

Sobolinaya Mountain LLC
ski resort

The key current resident is Sobolinaya Mountain Ski Resort. It is a dynamically developing resort with the slopes certified by the International Ski Federation, where annual federal and international competitions in alpine skiing and snowboarding are held.

The main characteristics of the resort:

  • 7 chairlifts;
  • maximum elevation difference is 500 m;
  • the highest mark is 1004 m;
  • resort capacity is more than 3000 people a day;
  • ski traffic for 6 months is more than 100,000 people.

​Under construction:

Comfort +

Vector Baikalsk LLC

Ilim Baikal LLC

Baikal-Aqua LLC

Greenwald Baikal LLC

LLC "Baikal Alpika"

BratskTurInvest LLC