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Existing hotel properties in Baykalsk town

Bely Sobol (White Sable) Park Hotel

Bely Sobol (White Sable) Park Hotel is located at the foot of Sobolinaya Mountain. The Park Hotel includes 30 rooms, a guest house and 3 cottages and can admit 132 people.

Additional services: Russian banya, a restaurant, a conference room, children's room and an outdoor playground, a summer pool, barbecue facilities, free parking space and free Wi-Fi.

Grand Baikal Hotel

Grand Baikal Hotel is located 500 metres from the hanging chairlift №1 on Sobolinaya Mountain and has direct access to the ski slopes. There are 64 rooms for 123 people in the hotel. A lift pass sales outlet, a ski storage room, ski equipment rent and billiards are available for all guests.

Sobolinka Park Hotel

Sobolinka Park Hotel is located in a woodland, 500 metres from the ski center. The hotel can admit 90 people. Additional services: a conference room, office equipment, a restaurant, billiards, table tennis, a tennis court, and a wellness center including showers, baths, magnet and laser therapy, phototherapy and sauna.

Rus Holiday Park

Rus Holiday Park includes 5 comfortable log cottages located 500 metres from the ski center. The territory of the mini settlement is fenced and guarded. Each cottage can accommodate up to 4 people. There is a living room with TV, a refrigerator, a microwave oven and a kitchen utensils set; two rooms and a bathroom with a shower in each cottage.

Edelweiss Hotel

Edelweiss Hotel is located within walking distance from the ski resort at the foot of the mountain. There are 10 comfortable rooms of different categories and a guest house for 2 families. The hotel can admit 24 people. Additional services: a cafe with two halls, Russian banya with a swimming pool, a sauna, Russian billiards and a car parking space. There is a woodfired banya with a swimming pool, billiards and ski equipment rent at your disposal.

Vepskoye Pomestye

Vepskoye Pomestye is a camping in the style of ancient Vepsian settlement that is located near the ski resort. It consists of 13 comfortable double wooden houses, an ethnic cafe, a stable, a mini zoo, a picnic area and a real Siberian banya with a stove. The hotel can admit 74 people. There are a free parking space and Wi-Fi throughout the territory of the park hotel.

Melnitsa (Windmill) Hotel

The hotel is located at the foot of Sobolinaya Mountain, 500 metres from the ski resort. There are three accommodation buildings consisting of 9 comfortable rooms with a total maximum capacity of 40 beds. There is antiquated furniture, a bathroom, a mini-bar, a refrigerator, a DVD player and a TV set in the hotel. Wi - Fi is available throughout the territory of the hotel. A SPA-zone (sauna, hammam, Russian banya, two restrooms, a massage room, showers and a swimming pool), a restaurant, a fireplace room and billiards are available.

Ski-Let Hotel

The hotel offers two two-storey houses with an area of 120 sq. m. for 20 people. There is a wardrobe and a dryer for sports equipment, satellite TV, DVD, a kitchen with appliances and utensils, a bathroom with a jacuzzi, a shower cabin and a hairdryer as well as free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, DVD and a car parking space at your disposal. We invite our guests to an excursion.

BaikalSKI Hostel

The hostel has 47 rooms including economy class rooms with 73 beds, 4 single superior rooms and 9 junior suite rooms. There is a sauna, a car parking space, a ski storage, free Wi-Fi and a bar "BaikalSKI" for our guests.

Cosmos (Space) Hotel

There are 16 comfortable standard rooms for 32 people there. Cosmos Night club is located in the building of the hotel.

Orlinoye Gnezdo (Eyrie) Hotel

The hotel consists of 3 two-room suites for 3-4 people, 3 one-room suites and 4 economy class rooms and can admit 26 people. The entire infrastructure is designed for recreation and business meetings. There is a coffee bar with a wide selection of Russian, Siberian, Ukrainian and Caucasian cuisine. You can play billiards here and enjoy sauna with a swimming pool and restrooms at the ground floor.

Margobay Hotel

You can choose among hostel rooms, economy, standard, semi lux or suite rooms. Total number of rooms is 70 There is a coffee bar for 80 people, 2 saunas with a swimming pool, banya, a laundry and a car parking space at the guests’ disposal.

Baikalsky Dom (Baikal House) Tourist Camp

There are 6 rooms (twin, triple and quad ones) with 30 beds in the hotel. There is sports equipment for rent, banya and a sightseeing programme.

Molodezhny (Youth) Hostel

There are 45 rooms for 90 people. The hostel provides guests with a sauna and shower rooms, Russian banya, a hairdressing salon, table tennis, sports equipment rent, a skidoo, billiards, a café and a car parking space.

Courchevel Hotel

2-, 3-, 4-, 5 and 8 bed suites, junior suite rooms and budget rooms. The total number of beds is 42 There is a 24 hour reception desk, a sauna, free Wi-Fi at the guests’ disposal.

Elg-in Mini-hotel

There is a large house (for 10-12 people), a house for 6 people. You can visit banya and a relaxation room with billiards.

Krasny Klyuch (Red Brook) Hotel

There are 47 rooms in the hotel in 3 large detached houses. The total number of beds is 124 Complementary services: Russian banya, a sauna, children’s playground, a summer swimming pool, secure parking area and mountain ski for rent.

Uyut+ (Comfort Plus) Hotel

There are 27 rooms with 54 beds. Transport services and a sightseeing programme are available.

Events calendar of Slyudyansky District


Event name




New Year at Baikal

Christmas Starts

Beginning of January

Slyudyanka town, Baykalsk town, Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Sobolinaya Mountain Cup

Irkutsk Oblast mountain skiing championship

Children’s competition. Sobolinaya Mountain Cup “Sobolyek”

Russian mountain skiing championship

The Mountain Queen Awards

Serviko Cup

KraisNeft Cup

Swimsuit downhill skiing


Baykalsk town

Baikal ski resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Ice Sculptures Festival “Ice and Fire”

Middle of February - March

Baykalsk town

Mouth of the river Babkha


Maslenitsa festival at Baikal, farewell to winter

Beginning of March

Slyudyanka town

Baykalsk town

Utulik settlement


Festival of winter wizards “Ice Fairy-tale of Baikal”


Slyudyanka town

Lake Baikal

Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Opening of summer tourist season. Territory of the Summer festival

Beginning of June

Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Pervoryba international festival of modern art


Utulik settlement, Ol-Terra tourist centre


Grill Fest gourmet contest


Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Baikal Wave all-Russian contest


Slyudyanka town


Baikal Taste open gourmet festival of eastern Siberia national cuisine


Slyudyanka town


Victoria strawberry festival

Middle of July

Baykalsk town


Baikal Open festival of intellectual board games


Utulik settlement

Left bank of the river Utulik (mouth area)


Pure Water rock festival


Baykalsk town


Summer festival of Nordic walking “Baikal Nordic”


Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain


Project 360 environmental campaign

Beginning of September

Baykalsk town, Utulik settlement, Slyudyanka town

Baikal shore


Beer festival


Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Opening at the Sobolinaya Mountain

End of November- beginning of December

Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”


Baikal Father Frost birthday party

Around 20th of December

Slyudyanka town


New Year Carnival at the Sobolinaya Mountain and Night Downhill Skiing

December 31

Baykalsk town

Baikal Ski Resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”



The mountain setting of Lake Baikal is very popular for recreation, with many rivers and small lakes. Circum-Baikal Railway is also a unique monument of engineering and there are other natural and man-made points of interest as well.

Excursions from Baykalsk town:

  1. Water trip along the Circum-Baikal Railway;

  2. Trip on Circum-Baikal Railway and visiting Slyudyanka train station – world’s only station building made of marble;

  3. Auto excursion to the Warm Lakes;

  4. Walking tour on the Khamar-Daban to Soboliniye Lakes;

  5. Auto excursion along the western shore of Baikal Listvyanka settlement, mouth of the river Angara, Taltsy open-air ethnographic museum);

  6. Walking tour to Devil’s Finger rock;

  7. Ethnical tour to the Tunkinskaya valley (Arshan and Pearl resorts);

  8. Visiting the mountain gorge of the river Mamai (Khamar-Daban mountain range);

  9. Rafting down the Khara-Murin river;

  10. Baikal cruises;

  11. Visiting Olkhon Island;

  12. Walking tours of different degree of difficulty along Khamar-Daban and visiting famous places (volcanic rock exposure around Khamar-Daban meteorological station, Chersky peak, lake Heart, waterfalls of the Podkomarnaya river, Devil’s lake, Chekanosky peak and others);

  13. Visiting Shamansky Cape which is a symbol of Baikal beginning;

  14. Auto excursion to the Lake Khubsugul (Mongolia);

  15. Visiting such natural landmarks as population of Tridactylina Kirillova, Stolbak cliff, White recess (geological marble cut), Lake Slyudyanskoye and Chapayevka Mountain.