Special Economic Zone
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About the region


Irkutsk Region has unique natural, cultural and historical resources, that make it particularly attractive for tourists.

Area — 774,846 km²
Population — 2,418,348 people

Lake Baikal, situated close to the regional center, is the deepest freshwater reservoir of the planet. Due to its unique the Baikal was the first of Russian natural sites listed in the List of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. South-eastern and mid-eastern parts of the region are near the Baikal - namely Slyudyanka, Olkhon and Irkutsk regions. Among the best known sights of Lake Baikal are such sights as the source of the Angara River and Shaman-stone, Cape Burhan on Olkhon Island, the Peschanaya bay near the Big Goloustnoye village.

Advantages of business in SEZ

Investments - one of the main engines of economic development. Special Economic Zones (SEZ) are formed on the basis of such areas in different regions of Russia, which are mostly attractive for investors. State creates favorable conditions for SEZ investors to develop modern tourist-recreation facilities. SEZ territory has special regime of doing business, which provides unique advantages for investors.

  • simplifying interaction with public authorities due to friendly system administration;
  • the creation of engineering infrastructure at the expense of public funds, thereby reducing cost of implementing the project;
  • providing tax preferences.

The land plots


“Sobolinaya Mountain”

The area is located on the South-Eastern coast of Lake Baikal at the foot of the Khamar-Daban mountain range near the town Baikalsk. Availability of convenient road links with the regional center - located on the 155 km of M55 Irkutsk-Chita highway, in 2,5 km to Baikalsk. The presence of the international airport "Irkutsk" in the regional center makes both sites accessible to visitors from other countries and regions of Russia. There is a valid ski resort “Sobolinaya Mountain”.

Formed tourist traffic is about 200,000 people per year.

The total area – 757 hectares.


Tax privileges

Income tax
Property tax
Land tax
  1. All SEZ investors use a set of benefits guaranteed by law. For residents of SEZ a reduced rate of income tax is set that must be transferred to the budget of the Russian Federation in the amount of from 0 to 13.5%.
  2. Investors have the right not to pay tax on the property of the organization from the moment of this property registration.
  3. SEZ investors are exempt from paying land tax.

Tax holidays granted by state authorities at the regional level, last: on the property - 10 years, on the ground - 5 years. The Russian Federation guarantees to SEZ investors protection against unfavorable changes in tax laws.

Concessional terms of rental purchase of land

  Russia SEZ
Cost of purchase of land the market value not above the cadastral value
Cost of land rent as a percentage of the cadastral value 2% of the cadastral value with the reduction factor

How to become a resident

  1. Registration in the SEZ. Development of a business plan.
  2. Submission of documents to the branch of JSC "SEZ" in Irkutsk region: application, business plan, authorized documents.
  3. Consideration of the investment project on the Supervisory Board.
  4. Successful presentation of the investment project on the Expert Council of Economic Development of Russia.
  5. The signing of the Agreement on the conduct of activities in the SEZ, get a registration certificate of a SEZ resident.

Staffing the tourism industry of Irkutsk region

  •  The total number of universities and branches involved in the preparation of specialists in the field of tourism.
  •  The number of students in the specialties in the field of tourism and recreation (people).
  •  Annually graduate experts (people).
Staffing the tourism industry of Irkutsk region


10,000+ specialists with higher
education in the field
of service and tourism

Since 2001 in Irkutsk region more than 10,000 specialists with higher education in the field of service and tourism have trained. If in 2001 the training of specialists engaged in only one university, in 2013 - five universities.

At present the higher education institutions of Irkutsk region due to the demands of labor market made considerable progress on the way of training for the tourism industry. Various professions and specializations for tourist profile are open in five universities. Training of specialists of secondary and primary level also are carried in 5 secondary specialized institutions and 6 ones of primary education.

Irkutsk state university

Faculty of service and advertising

Specialists are trained for service, tourism, hotel and restaurant business: it has been operating since 1997; concurrently 1500 people study at the faculty, including 600 students in the specialty "Socio-cultural service and tourism."

Faculty of Geography

Specialty "Geography", Specialization "Tourism, tour business and eco-tourism", "geography and international tourism": it has been operating since 1997; specialists are trained to work in the field of eco-tourism; about 650 people are trained.

International Institute of Economics and Linguistics

Speciality "Commerce in tourism": it has been operating since 2000, currently about 450 students study, 150 of them on the qualification "Translator in professional communications"; specialists are trained on the speciality “Commerce in tourism”.

Baikal State University of Economics and Law

Faculty of Economics and Management in the service sector

Faculty of Economics and Management in the service sector, Speciality "Management in the sphere of services": managers are prepared in the tourism sector, it has been operating since 1999; the number of students enrolled in the specialty of 350 people.

Linguistic State University

Socio-cultural service and tourism

Specialty "Socio-cultural service and tourism": it trains specialists for the tourism industry with in-depth study of two foreign languages; set of students is carried out since 2007.

East-Siberian Institute of Economics and Law

Socio-cultural service and tourism

Specialty "Socio-cultural service and tourism": it trains specialists for the service industry and tourism, has been operating since 2000; the total number of students learning the speciality about 350 people.

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